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    What we do

    We help the sector achieve its commercial ambitions.

    We drive growth for the Scottish food and drink industry

    Scotland Food & Drink is the industry leadership organisation tasked with driving responsible growth for the sector and building Scotland’s global reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.

    Industry champions & government partners

    We are led by the industry, supported by the Government and challenged to work across the whole industry. And together we have seen incredible success in an industry now worth £14 billion.

    We have over 460 members at our heart and we lead the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership. A unique?collaborative partnership of ten industry bodies, five public sector organisation and one research collaboration who work in the industry in Scotland.

    We are the only body in the world which facilitates and enables government and industry to work side by side.


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    Recognising excellence & rewarding quality

    The quality of Scotland’s natural resources is the envy of the world. But it’s the potent combination of people, product and passion that elevates Scotland and its food and drink to the greatest heights. By supporting our current and up-and-coming industry champions in tandem with encouraging Scotland’s thriving food culture we will help to establish a desire across the nation for nothing but the best.

    It's for that reason that every year, we host the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards which recognise and reward the very best of Scotland's food and drink.

    Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards

    Case studies

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