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    How we help

    We help you open doors, access markets and maximise opportunities.

    We help businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop and grow

    We make the connections that help our members and our industry thrive. We match buyers with producers, ideas with innovators and products with markets.

    This network of expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm is at our heart and adds weight and momentum to Scotland’s food and drink industry. Pooling together our talents and fervour is the cornerstone of succeeding together.

    We give all our members access to the people and insights their products need to be successful.

    Market experts, research specialists or business development managers from different markets, cultures and countries offer a rich, robust and comprehensive network brimming with facts, ideas and advice that will guide and grow Scotland’s food and drink industry.

    Our industry is worth £14bn

    Retail sales of Scottish food and drink brands across the UK are worth £2.1bn

    Core services

    Scotland Food & Drink offer a number of core services.

    Market development

    Our market development team can help your business access new routes to both retail and foodservice markets, opening doors to buyers and facilitating new sales opportunities.

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    Market intelligence

    Market intelligence is the bedrock for any food or drink company with ambitions to grow. Our market intelligence team offer an independent insight and data research service that can advise you on and deliver a range of services.

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    Industry leadership

    We drive forward Ambition 2030. Through growing our markets, developing our people, making our supply chains work harder and encouraging a culture of innovation we can double the value of our sector.

    Industry leadership

    Member benefits

    We offer members exclusive access to benefits designed to provide them with the help and support that will give them competitive edge and help save money.

    Member benefits


    We work with our partners to deliver a number of projects which help the sector to thrive.

    Connect Local

    Connect Local is a free, advisory service for the local Scottish food and drink sector. It is delivered by a team of experts from SAC, SAOS, Scotland Food & Drink and Seafood Scotland.

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    Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight

    Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight takes place every September and provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to get involved in celebrating and enjoying fantastic Scottish produce.

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    We can give your business a competitive edge.